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I am a teacher & mother of 3 teenagers, living in Tasmania, Australia; I grew up in northern England. I have taught at all levels from primary to post secondary level. I love reading, writing and music, and am interested in a wide range of topics, including parenting issues, cooking, natural remedies, the environment, animals, gifted education, English & other languages, and more.

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  • Japanese Made Easy: Days of the Week

    Japanese Made Easy: Days of the Week

    6 years ago

    Here is another of my Japanese vocabulary sets, with memory aids to help you to learn them. This memory training method involves the creation of images which connect the idea of what you are trying to learn with the...

  • Japanese Number Kanji: Memory Aids

    Japanese Number Kanji: Memory Aids

    6 years ago

    If you want to find an easy way to remember just about anything, whether it's your shopping list or the names of all those people you were just introduced to, then a great way to go about it is to get into the habit of...