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I will begin to wirte Hubs again not knowing if anyone will actually read any of them. As many people may see I worte many types of Hubs during the first year I opened the account. It sort of died down after I didn't have time to write anymore or just didn't really know what to write about, but hopefully that changes later on. A little more about me, I enjoy to workout, eat, live, and relax whenever I get the chance. Yea and well that's really all you need to know about this kid.  

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  • Gold stuff

    Gold stuff

    6 years ago

     One of the first cultures to use gold as fashion was a place centered into today as Eastern Europe, in 4000 B.C. It was mined in the near by mountains, such as Mount Pangaion. Later in history gold would be used...

  • Make the best Jailbroken ipod

    Make the best Jailbroken ipod

    3 years ago

    Bored of how your apps are displayed? Wanna make your ipod look more amazing then the kid sitting next to you in class? Then take a look at the many features you can add to your IOS device in this hub

  • How to make money in school

    How to make money in school

    6 years ago

    In this hubpage i will teach you into making money in school. It won't be easy and it might not be safe for some, so i don't recamond this for everyone. If your a good student, good with money, strong, and are sneeky...

  • Pros and Cons of Call of duty Modern Warfare 2

    Pros and Cons of Call of duty Modern Warfare 2

    6 years ago

    Great pictures                               Pros and Cons of Call of Duty...