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Welcome! My name is Darlene I enjoy writing and sharing knowledge with others. Hubpages attracted me years ago as I was was very ill after a poisonous spider bite and soon after finally getting on my feet found myself a single parent. My journey to recovery was long and stressful for me and my children. After being a salon owner for years I had no choice but to go back to work to provide for my children.

However because of my lungs being compromised due to my lung involvement during my illness every day I was there my health was in jeapordy. I had to stick it out for my youngest which was still a teen almost out of high school at that time.

My natural health journey began after I was giving worse news about my health and my children were old enough to fend for themselves. I am so proud of the people they became. However, I lost everything; a place of my own , my business and my self esteem. My family and friends assisted me as much as they could. I was helpless but never stopped trying to work myself back to a higher since of esteem and well being.

I thank God for this hard journey. I became a better and stronger person because of it. I learned humility and patience, which was hard and I grew stronger spiritually. I also became better educated and never wasted a day not learning how to never be in such a helpless situation again. I harnessed the writing and marketing skills I already had and began building on them. I became a pretty good copywriter and SEO article marketer and began making money online writing and posting for others as a ghost writer. I wanted more...

Being a entreprenuer I wanted more control financially, I did not want to be paid hourly; I wanted to be paid my worth. I learned everything I could about social media marketing. I read books, went to semenars and took classes. I will forever learning to stay abreast of the lastest trend, but this is what I enjoy. I hope for everyone to find their path and learn from their trials and setbacks. If you can look up, you can get up!

As a social media marketing specialist it is important for me to help businesses who want to be more successful by getting them more leads and customers walking into their business.



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