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This author is a researcher, writer, editor, and illustrator. He enjoys analyzing political, military, religious, scientific, and secular history. He takes pleasure in writing military, science, and religious history articles for various online publications. He has an undergraduate degree in liberal studies and an advance degree in strategic military and political studies. 

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  • The Roman War Machine

    The Roman War Machine

    3 years ago

    The key to the Roman Army’s successes on the battlefield was its employment of deadly weapons, effective military formations, prewar strategy, and battlefield tactics. This piece focuses on the Roman Army’s...

  • King Charlemagne's Military Career and Legacy

    King Charlemagne's Military Career and Legacy

    12 days ago

    King Charlemagne was a celebrated leader of the Middle Ages because of his battlefield tactics, his social reforms, and his religious motivations.

  • Stone Age Warfare Weapons

    Stone Age Warfare Weapons

    3 years ago

    Battle clubs, stone hand axes, hunting stone blades, stalking spears, throwing atlatls, and bows and arrows were the first Stone Age warfare weapons.