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  • Is Morrissey Racist?

    Is Morrissey Racist?

    7 years ago

    Morrissey is one of pop's greatest iconoclasts. Standing apart - and almost alone - from the mainstream rock traditions of sex and drugs and noise and barely-literate lyrics, his persona has beguiled and repelled...

  • Hey Jude - The Beatles' Greatest Song?

    Hey Jude - The Beatles' Greatest Song?

    7 years ago

    The UK cover of the Hey Jude single It was 1968 and the previous year's 'summer of love' was giving way to a subtle backlash in the form of a rootsier, more urban sound and a more outspoken political attitude....

  • 6 Funniest Smiths Lyrics

    6 Funniest Smiths Lyrics

    7 years ago

    Morrissey is often characterised as a moaning minny from Manchester, perpetually obsessed with loneliness and rainy days and death. There's a bit of truth in that these things are recurring themes in his work, but what...