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Welcome to Essex Knight's Hubs. Essex Knight publishes books, including comics and children's books. Our hubs will focus on reading and writing tips, book reviews, and major publishing news events.

As of now, our main focus is writing The Toad in the Blue Shoes, which will be published later this year. It is a children's book about a toad that rides a toy motorcycle through someone's house. A boy chases the toad, and finally catches it and puts it outside.

If you like children's books, we also will soon be publishing Dason Dragon's Birthday, which will be about a dragon's birthday party.

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  • Writer's Inspiration

    Writer's Inspiration

    2 weeks ago

    Don't know what to write about? There are many ways of overcoming writer's block and getting inspired as a writer. Follow these simple tips, and you will have more than enough ideas to write about.

  • Benefits of Keeping a Journal for Writers

    Benefits of Keeping a Journal for Writers

    5 weeks ago

    Writing in a journal is beneficial to you as a writer. It helps you to keep track of your ideas, set goals, practice your writing skills, exercise your creativity, improve your memory, and more.

  • Tips for Becoming a Writer

    Tips for Becoming a Writer

    5 weeks ago

    Do you want to be a writer? Here are 10 tips that can improve your writing, give you confidence in your work, and help you to reach your potential as a writer.

  • 10 Reasons to Write a Children's Book

    10 Reasons to Write a Children's Book

    7 weeks ago

    Do you like to write? Have you ever wanted to write a children's book? Here are the top ten reasons why you should write and publish your own children's book. I have written one.

  • The Importance of Reading for Kids

    The Importance of Reading for Kids

    6 months ago

    It is very important for kids to read or listen to books. It helps them to communicate better, learn about the world, care about others, do better in school, and to feel better about themselves.

  • Benefits of Reading Fiction

    Benefits of Reading Fiction

    8 months ago

    There are many reasons to read. I have always loved to read and write, and reading anything is beneficial to your mind and body. Here are ten benefits of reading fiction that really stand out to me.