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I am aged 29 years. I work and work but I want to be a writer one day, its called Arms by the way. My hobbies include writing (of course), video games, movies, anime, cereal, punk music, television, and lamenting.


That is a brief run down of what i do. Maybe i should be a little more descriptive. What can i say about my life? Well, i write because i can. I actually want it to be my career. I actually joined this site to see if people actually liked what i wrote or photographed. Seems so far a couple of you do, thanks! Even if one person liked what i wrote i would have felt accomplished. The only real author I ever liked was Stephen King. I try to model myself with his style but not quite. I don't want to copy his stuff but rather use his writing to help me write better. I write short stories a lot and plan to write a fiction novel one day. I plan to try to publish and make a living off of my writing. Wish me luck!

I am fascinated with Anime. Especially Sci-Fi, Horror,War, and Fantasy. My all time favorite Anime (Japanese Mature Cartoons) is Neon Genesis Evangelion. My favorite all time Manga (Japanese Comic Books) is Berserk.

More too come!!!

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