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I have learned many things during my life, so, today I would like to share with you my life story and my aquired knowledge when I write my hubs in Hub Pages.

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  • An old man view of the world

    An old man view of the world

    6 weeks ago

    This is about my personal views of the world of today, and how it could affect the town and country where I have come from. So, here I write my concerns in the hope of avoiding the worst.

  • To be or not to be concerned

    To be or not to be concerned

    3 months ago

    We should be concerned about what is happening in the world today. You see, after Britain has voted to exit the European Union, we should believe that anything is possible.

  • Mental case enigma

    Mental case enigma

    3 months ago

    When our brains work in a strange unreliable way it is time to go to a mental health expert, but the ill person sometimes does not want to admit that he needs help, so what can be done to help him?

  • House renovating

    House renovating

    2 months ago

    The old timber houses are a lot easier to renovate or to carry out some very big alterations, as they can be moved and raised, so they have this advantage that could not be available with masonry.

  • The Norman castle of Monteserico

    The Norman castle of Monteserico

    3 months ago

    The castle of Monteserico in Genzano the Lucania has a history of its own, even though there isn't a real history written, today we are trying to put together known events and show you some photos.

  • DIY Retaining walls

    DIY Retaining walls

    12 months ago

    We are going to show you several types of retaining walls and how to build them, some of them briefly and other step by step, so that you could be able to do it yourself, if you like.

  • Goodbye to my country

    Goodbye to my country

    3 months ago

    Migrating to another country sometimes becomes necessary; in my lifetime I migrated to Australia; today I am still happy I did, because to earn a living seems to be a bit easier in Australia.

  • Farming today compared to the old way

    Farming today compared to the old way

    7 months ago

    We have achieved a lot in agriculture in the last hundred years; so, let us compare how hard it was to harvest wheat or any other cereals the old ways to today ways by using these wonderful machines.

  • My farm life views

    My farm life views

    12 days ago

    I want to tell the story of my life just the way it was, and if it resembles somebody else story it is just a coincidence, because I want to be true to myself and the rest of the world with my story.

  • Personal twilight stories

    Personal twilight stories

    3 months ago

    This is another story of my life, but is is a twilight ghostly story that has happened to me, and there was also this dream with an old lady about this fountain called Cavallina in Genzano town.

  • An old man story

    An old man story

    4 days ago

    My life story written as an old man life story, I would like to tell you my life story, where I am going to tell you who I am, where have I been where I am now and how I got here writing this story.

  • My life my struggles

    My life my struggles

    6 weeks ago

    These are my life struggles, as we all know there are a lot of times when during our lives we have to struggle, so this hub is telling you about my life struggles, it is all part of my life story.

  • An old man life story

    An old man life story

    4 days ago

    Let any old man do his life duty by Writing An Autobiography about his own life and what he has learned from it, so that humanity may learn from what he has learned during his life.

  • Welcome To My Hubs

    Welcome To My Hubs

    4 days ago

    Welcome to my readers; I hereby would like to invite you to read my hubs, since I am going to write e few general hubs for our readers to enjoy.