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Fancy new crochet stitches and one of a kind jewelry designs are my specialty. I design new and interesting crochet stitches, and share them in a beginner-friendly written format, quite unlike the usual crochet patterns.

Reading a crochet pattern can be intimidating if you haven't read one before. If you only know a few basic stitches, I can teach you how to crochet some designs you may have thought were beyond your current skillset. Practice makes perfect...

Enjoy your crochet time, it's quite therapeutic, and it's a wonderful gift to be able to share your crochet skills with your friends and family. I learned to crochet 47 years ago, at the age of five...I can't believe it's been that long!

Let me show you how to create beautiful crochet throw rugs, baby blankets, scarves and other crochet items to give as gifts, or to keep as a special heirloom.


Thank you for stopping by, and please, follow me on my new Twitter, just for crochet! I will also adding Pinterest and Facebook in the near future so please check back.


Love and hugs,

Kerry ^_^ 

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