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My name's Rachel: Beginning farmer, gardener, firewood chopper, cider and fruit-wine maker, lover of animals and all things outside and earthy, a real woman of 26. I have a profound interest in learning and mastering skills that have been (almost) forgotten since the industrial revolution - and a passion for sharing what I learn.

I raise sheep and goats, as well as chickens for meat and eggs. I can also drive horses (yes, just like we did before we had cars!), train cattle for work, raise and breed hogs, and make home-brew and soap. I love producing food for myself and putting some up for the cold winter months.

I have a B.A. in English, an Australian Cattle Dog named Honeybear, and an old F150 truck. My favorite foods are summer squash and beef, and my favorite person is David.

All of my work on Hubpages is dedicated to my father, whose journey in this life ended on March 28, 2013. I was 12 when he first advised me to write what I know. In the summer of 2010, he asked me if I thought I could make a living on a small farm, and thereby planted the seed of a dream that has become my life's work.

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