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I love sharing about some of my interests on Squidoo. I am a computer geek into Macs and I also use Windows too. I like getting my hands on all the gadgets I can and also enjoy using an iPad and Android devices. Playing games is also fun and my favorite game is Plants Vs Zombies, which got me interested in other tower defense games and I also play a little StarCraft. I'm also a Nintendo fan and had an original NES when I was a kid. I like playing Mario games the best and I have a Wii (I don't have the new Wii U yet though!) I also like scifi and watching TV. One thing I also do a lot is shopping and I like buying gifts for people so I share some of that expertise here as well.

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  • How to Memorize Prime Numbers

    How to Memorize Prime Numbers

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    Life Unexpected Cancelled?

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    Mac Bundles

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    If you love Mac software, then you will want to check out the latest Mac Bundles available. You can get a huge discount on Mac software by buying a bundle that's available for a limited time.

  • 50th Birthday Gift Ideas

    50th Birthday Gift Ideas

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    Thoughtful 50th birthday gift ideas including books, movies and more.

  • 40th Birthday Gift Ideas

    40th Birthday Gift Ideas

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