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I am a practicing Christian and I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. I am interested in self development. I am going to write about the topics connected with Chrisitianity and positive thinking on my hubs. I also have a blog that deals with the above mentioned topics.


I am also interested in financial markets. My forex experience started 6 years ago when I invested my 500 dollars in the forex market. After losing all of the initial sum I reconsidered my trading and developed a succesful trend trading system. That's when I became profitable. I came back to forex market with a friend of my investing his 4000 dollars. We almost tripled that amount in a matter of one year trading swings and trends.Then a friend of my decided to follow other trading strategies and we split up.

At the moment I am more interested in other ways of making money online and mostly do Forex analysis on my blog:


Another blog that I try to update from time to time is about memory improvement tips. I try to share various mnemonic techniques there. Hope you will enjoy it too.


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