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Hello, this is GalaxyRat! Some people call me Galaxy, or Rattie... or Galaxy-Rat-a-Tat-Tat. Also, when I jump in my time machine and go for a spin, Albert Einstein's colleagues and many other people call me "Miss Gal-a-xay" in a thick British accent, and it drives me nutz! So, you are free to call me only Galaxy or Rattie unless you can come up with a better name. :)

I have two furbabies, Scabbers and Templeton. They are rats. Rats have tails. Tails are cute. Rats are cute. They can fly when my dog Lola lends them her rainbow wings for the day. I am also a Christian, and I believe in Jesus Christ. I am a HUGE fan of Harry Potter, and a fan of FNAF.

These are some of the best quotes and sayings I've heard during my time travels and just in the normal world.

"We came as strangers, we became friends, and we left as family."

"Potter, Take Weasley with you, he looks far too happy over there." (McGonagall said this is Harry to distract him from me. It was so amusing.)

"A friend will give you an umbrella when it rains… a true friend will steal your umbrella and yell “run loser, run!”"

"You’ve got enemies? Good, that means you’ve stood up for something in your life. -Eminem (Plenty of enemies! But no friends to stand up for, except Harry Potter when Hermione and Ron ain't there.)

"Last night as I laid in my bed, looking up at the stars and sky, I wondered to myself... Where the heck is my ceiling!?" (Oh, now I remember... I was staying at the Weasley's house and the ceiling caved in a little!)

"I'm probably the coolest dork you'll ever meet." (Probably. Hopefully.)

"I don't understand white crayons, Why are they here? What do they want form us!?"

"When life gives you lemons.. Squeeze them in someone's eye and run away really, really fast." (I did that once, to King Henry. He went blind for a day and that's why he chopped off his wife's head.)

"I'm not random, You just can't think as fast as me."

"Don't worry about people stealing your ideas. If your ideas are any good, you'll have to ram them down people's throats." -- Howard Aiken (The story of my life.)

"So many pedestrians... so little time". - Robin Williams (Back when horse-drawn carriages were a thing, I had to learn to drive one to get around... knocking over at least five kids until a guy offered to help me)

"NASA spent 8 years and $12 billion developing a pen that could write in space. It needed to be able to work in zero gravity, at a range of temperatures, and be able to write on any surface. The Russians used a pencil". -Unknown (Ya see, I went and told them about the pencil... but because I'm a girl, they turned me down. If I told them about time traveling... well... I'd have extra people with me right now)

Enjoy my Hubs of sinister poetry, funny stuff, and rat guru.

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