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Allena Tapia has been a writer all her life, but has worked in a  professional capacity for the last 6 years. After receiving her BA in English as a non-traditional student, she started GardenWall Publications and began selling her writing and copy skills to local, national, international and virtual clients.

Be sure to visit Allena Tapia's GardenWall Publications at www.gardenwallpublications.com

Personal bio: When I am not writing, I am a wife and mother of two. We like to travel, camp, and apparently do yardwork. I adore Mexico, Latino culture, reading, and attempting to speak Spanish. I am highly involved in my children's PTA, along with volunteer work at local humanitarian associations. My favorite TV shows are LOST, and Amazing Race. My dream is to retire to Michoacan, Mexico with my husband, and live in a little blue house with a view of the mountains. Or, I might become one of those old ladies with 20 cats. I haven't decided for sure yet.  

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  • Mexico Bathroom Tips for Tourists

    Mexico Bathroom Tips for Tourists

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    Entering Mexico: What to Expect at Mexican Immigration and Customs

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