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Never write to provide information cause your no google write because the world needs to hear your words. Ur words of beauty,inspiration and confidence. Write what you feel don't write according how others feel about your writing.

Be creative.


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  • What did they do wrong?

    What did they do wrong?

    22 months ago

    This poem is for those children who were killed without a mercy, for those mother who will not see their child's faces, for the loved ones who have lost those diamonds and for those who did this all.

  • Oreo Day!

    Oreo Day!

    22 months ago

    You may not be a good cook but you'll surely feel like one after you try these recipes. Easy to make and less ingredients as possible.

  • She tried her best.

    She tried her best.

    23 months ago

    Popularity maybe fun to see but we never know how these people live their lives. Those plastic smile can never hide the pains they suffer. This is for the ones who tried and tried.

  • Magic that lasts.

    Magic that lasts.

    23 months ago

    We don't need spell to change the world we carry enough magic and power with inside ourselves. We just need a bit more power to imagine better.

  • Friends Maybe.

    Friends Maybe.

    23 months ago

    Who knows the friend you believed yesterday will become the most untrust worthy person tomorrow.

  • Memories Of Old Friends.

    Memories Of Old Friends.

    23 months ago

    When you get older and don't have anyone to talk to you will still be smiling cause of the memories that you and your pals did together. They might not be there but those memories remains eternal.....

  • The chance I am willing to take

    The chance I am willing to take

    2 years ago

    The pain of the lost of a loved one is the most bitter pain that can ever be tasted. But the time we think of them is the moment we realize that they loved us and they wanted us to be good and happy .

  • True Besties

    True Besties

    2 years ago

    True friends are hard to find and if you loose a lot of them then don't worry you are not loosing them you are finding the true ones.

  • The death of the crazy one.

    The death of the crazy one.

    2 years ago

    Robin Williams born to make us smile but he himself died due to depression. Not a very good story, but his he was an inspiration for the ones who were in dark. He will be missed but never forgotten...

  • One Hope For Us.

    One Hope For Us.

    2 years ago

    Never rely on others not even in god cause god is inside you.

  • A picture defines itself.

    A picture defines itself.

    2 years ago

    You will look back and find a small memory which brings back all your dreams and hopes and all the times that you have spent and makes you realize where you are now to sum up it in a word: Picture....

  • The choices that a women has to pick.

    The choices that a women has to pick.

    2 years ago

    Isn't it confusing how we need to take sides, and have to raise voice alone. But you can do it, you can be the idol and raise a hope in each and every women who can't. We can have hope and courage.