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WARNING: This is really about myself ^.^


An imaginative, optimist, comical, care-free, loving girl ^.^ Just another frustrated woman actually who loves to write silly things. I am the third bastard of the family (:-D), the bestfriend of the most wonderful and beautiful plus-sized woman in the universe named Darlene, the future teacher of the most cherished children of this world ( the specials ) and the future wife (hopefully with fingers crossed ^.^)  of Mr. K.J.J. 

I would love to do something that is bigger than me, I would love to help others in my own simple ways, I would love to have an effect on someone or somebody, and that is through writing.

Let's make this world a better place in our own ways :-) Peace :)


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    7 months ago

    Stupid indeed is what they've said, For loving you was the only thing I knew back then, But how can I turn back time, When I could have chose between loving you or not.