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Georgiann is many things to many people, but first and foremost her love of family trumps all.  Business owner, passionate writer, mentor to those that seek it, supporter of all good causes, and an undying love for peace, harmony, integrity and joy for herself and all those around her, makes life truly interesting. 

Life is not always smooth sailing, thankfully.  Waves build more character, understanding, empathy and patience; every single obstacle, slight, loss, disappointment, has brought her to this space and time which is truly the most amazing chapter thus far. 

Georgi strives for and thrives on bringing health, happiness, prosperity and sanctity to everyone she meets and lives by the Golden Rule with a twist...Do unto others as they would like done unto them.  No one shares the exact hopes, dreams, desires or priorities as the next person; so discerning what each individual needs to fulfill their soul and working toward that end inasmuch as one can, will create the utopia that everyone dreams of. 

That is why her signature is preceeded by...All good things...always.

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  • Tomato and Cucumber Salad with Feta

    Tomato and Cucumber Salad with Feta

    15 months ago

    Whole, natural, colorful and delicious, this easy to make Mediterranean inspired side (or main) dish is a wonderful blend of veggies and feta that will have you coming back for seconds!

  • A Poem for Niquie

    A Poem for Niquie

    4 years ago

    Happy 24th Birthday, Niquie! When they received their precious gift on February 21st, 1988 The Serpe’s were in heaven; even big brother thought she was great Dominique Elyse was the name given, as if by the...

  • A Poem for Tina

    A Poem for Tina

    4 years ago

    Tina With soulful eyes that see nothing but the good in so many She works harder than most men, but never expects a penny Empathy that surpasses any wishes for herself Pictures of her loved ones…oh, and...

  • Gay Marriage

    Gay Marriage

    4 years ago

    As of January, 2012, the following enlightened states have legalized two people getting married…no matter their gender: New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Iowa, and our nation’s...

  • Top 50 New Year's Tips for a Better 2012

    Top 50 New Year's Tips for a Better 2012

    5 years ago

    Advice, tips, suggestions and direction to making life better, healthier, harmonious, and joyful...no matter what year it is!

  • Eradicating Bullying

    Eradicating Bullying

    5 years ago

    Just when you hoped that awareness in and of itself might finally be permeating and eradicating the core of the plight that is bullying, the next headline hits and another innocent life light has been snuffed out far...

  • Choosing Happiness and Ignoring the Negativity

    Choosing Happiness and Ignoring the Negativity

    3 years ago

    A happy life is within our reach. Choices of joy, love, peace and harmony can come to fruition. Belief, faith, determination and a positive outlook are all paramount to achieving this happiness.

  • The State of the Economy, Or Lack Thereof

    The State of the Economy, Or Lack Thereof

    5 years ago

    Judging by the headlines, and the number of bank owned properties in your neighborhood, the state of the economy is abysmal. Economy by definition speaks to frugality, budgeting, bargains, and such. You know, pretty...

  • Creating Your Utopia

    Creating Your Utopia

    5 years ago

    Want to possess health, wealth, love, joy, peace and harmony in your life? Think it’s impossible? There is no doubt in these times of myriad financial and social difficulties; it is easy for just about anyone to...