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After a twenty three year hiatus from writing anything other than grocery and daily 'to do' lists, Gillian Swafford decided to reunite with her creative side. She quit her day job, spent her entire savings on a rural property in the middle of a forest and moved 1300 miles south. Words blocked inside for over 2 decades are now pouring forth into journals and paper. Ideas for stories and articles are now begging to be written, and so she is writing. After deciding how to support herself again, perhaps with writing, she hopes to return to school to get a nursing degree and wants to spend the rest of her life being an advocate for homeless animals.

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  • Reasons Not to be Afraid of Spiders

    Reasons Not to be Afraid of Spiders

    5 years ago

    Many people are fearful of spiders, myself included. As a child, it didn't occur to me to try and overcome my fear, it was much easier and more satisfying to run to my parents crying until they took care of the problem....