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Hello, I am Greg Marlett, a retired rehabilitation counselor. I enjoy writing and blogging. Please visit my lenses and I welcome your feedback.

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  • Best Horse Names

    Best Horse Names

    6 years ago

    A horse is a horse - of course (of course), but every noble steed deserves a special name to reflect it's personality and style. You probably also want a name for your horse that fits it's vocation, for example, a trail...

  • The Best Cat Names

    The Best Cat Names

    6 years ago

    Anyone who owns a cat knows what special characters they are. Independent, yet loving - the domesticated cat is a source of constant wonder and amusement. Sometimes elegant and sometimes comical, the cat is a never...

  • Dangerous Snakes of Australia

    Dangerous Snakes of Australia

    6 years ago

    Australia's snakes have a deadly reputation, with 7 of the worlds 10 most venomous snakes making a home there. In spite of the fearsome and well deserved reputations of these snakes, they are for the most part shy and...

  • World's Most Deadly Venomous Snakes

    World's Most Deadly Venomous Snakes

    7 years ago

    Establishing a list of the world's most deadly venomous snakes is more challenging than it may seem. There are a variety of factors to evaluate in making this determination. For the purposes of this report, I looked...

  • The Real History of Vampires

    The Real History of Vampires

    5 years ago

    We currently live in a pop culture world that seems obsessed with vampires. From gothic vampire novels, to endless movies, television and art, the vampire archetype continues to grow in popularity and sophistication. ...

  • Dogs in China : A Horrific Story of Senseless Cruelty in the Dog Meat Industry

    Dogs in China : A Horrific Story of Senseless Cruelty in the Dog Meat Industry

    7 years ago

    The purpose of this lens is to document and highlight the current inhumane and abusive treatment of dogs in The Peoples Republic of China, with the hope that worldwide knowledge and attention will support and assist the...

  • Snakes and Poisonous Snake Identification in the U.S.A.

    Snakes and Poisonous Snake Identification in the U.S.A.

    5 years ago

    Let's face it, many if not most people have some anxiety about snakes and with good cause. Snakes are wild reptiles that will bite and defend themselves if threatened. For the welfare of both humans and snakes, it is...

  • Best Dog Names

    Best Dog Names

    5 years ago

    Best dog names for your puppy or dog, including unique dog names, cool dog names, male and female dog names, redneck dog names, German dog names, Italian dog names and surfer dog names. These are names to get you...