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LA Auto Show - Updated 11.29.2012 Hello Squiddies my name is Nate Balcom a.k.a. GoAceNate. I'm a Web Slinger, SEO Ninja and Social Media Guru at Auto Credit Express, a firm helping people with bad credit find cars at affordable prices. I'm huge into Social Networking and SEO. It's my job, my passion, my mantra. I write about social networking, Google Analytics, Squidoo tips, top 10 lists, Celebrity Garages and ofcourse new car reviews and used car buying tips. I create high quality relevant hopefully witty content. My lenses are constantly being updated and I even teach others how to build effective Squidoo lenses. I'm always looking at what other lensmasters are doing and applying what works to my own. I like to pay attention to new modules and see how other people are using them to to make their lenses richer. I hope you find my tips helpful... or at the very least get a cheap laugh. Trophies - Rock Star Quest Taker Squidoo Book Club - 09/24/2012 SquidAngel 500 - 09/18/2012 You've got BRAINNNSSS! - 09/18/2012 2012 Halloween Club - 08/20/2012 Facebook Firestarter - 07/12/2012 SquidAngel 100 - 06/21/2012 SquidAngel Wings - 05/22/2012

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  • Top 10 Ugliest Cars From the 1970s (Funny)

    Top 10 Ugliest Cars From the 1970s (Funny)

    4 years ago

    As a child of the 70's I've both seen and been in in a fair amount of the abominations below. The 1970's had a whole different style of atrocious automobiles than say the ugly cars of the 80's. Though Wood paneling was...

  • Top 10 Ugliest Cars From the 1980s (Funny)

    Top 10 Ugliest Cars From the 1980s (Funny)

    4 years ago

    As an 80's survivor I feel it's my civic duty to the children of the world to raise awareness of the ugliness that was the 1980's. More to the point to I would like to highlight and bring to the surface what used to be...

  • Top 10 Famous Scary Cars

    Top 10 Famous Scary Cars

    4 years ago

    Happy Halloween folks. What we have here is a list of the 10 famous creepy cars from films and television. Being a fan of the horror movie genre I was able to quickly choose make my pics for creepiest rides. Do you...