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     I am a Christian pastor who loves the Lord and wants to see Him glorified in this world.  I want to use my life and my words to further the Kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Also, I want to show as many people as possible what Christ offers them in this world,  and in the next,  if they accept His sacrifice on the cross for their sins.


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  • For the Love of Heaven!

    For the Love of Heaven!

    3 weeks ago

    Heaven becomes more enticing as we get older. This world is not our home and that becomes more apparent as we experience the trials of life and the loss of loved ones.

  • I Have My Rights!

    I Have My Rights!

    4 months ago

    Our rights must alway be balanced by responsibilities. To have one without the other will destroy a free society.

  • The Years the Locusts Have Eaten

    The Years the Locusts Have Eaten

    4 months ago

    We can look back on our lives in sadness and regret for the years wasted by wrong decisions we have made, or we can see the mercy of God and how he can and will use it for his glory.

  • Is America Truly Free?

    Is America Truly Free?

    8 months ago

    True freedom is found in three areas and you cannot be truly free without them. A human being or nation must be financially, politically and spiritually free in order to reach their full potential.

  • God Hates Favoritism

    God Hates Favoritism

    22 months ago

    The world puts some people on a pedestal, while it puts down others or ignores them. Our God is no respecter of persons, and He doesn't want His people to be either.

  • God Calls the Unqualified

    God Calls the Unqualified

    2 years ago

    Throughout history God has used the unqualified and has made them qualified to carry forth His work upon this earth.

  • Beulah Land

    Beulah Land

    3 years ago

    The term "Beulah Land" is a Scriptural concept with much richness and significance.

  • Old Age and the Bible

    Old Age and the Bible

    4 years ago

    The Bible sees old age as a blessing from God. Older people have wisdom that they can pass on to us. We in turn are to treat them with respect and dignity, as well as care for them if they can't care for themselves.

  • How to See Yourself

    How to See Yourself

    4 years ago

    A proper view of ourselves only comes when we see the way God views us. This will keep us from having either an over-inflated view, or one in which we see ourselves as worthless and thinking that we have nothing to...

  • What is Your Idol?

    What is Your Idol?

    4 years ago

    Just as they had idols in the Bible world, we have our idols today. An idol is anything, or anyone that we ascribe supreme worth and value to, and put in the place of the one true God. We must get all such idols...

  • Religious Toleration

    Religious Toleration

    4 months ago

    The word tolerance has been redefined in our society. The result is that all religion is tolerated except Christianity and all those who believe in moral absolutes.

  • What is Grace and Mercy?

    What is Grace and Mercy?

    4 years ago

    This article explains the subtle difference between God's grace and God's mercy. They are like two sides of the same coin.

  • What is Biblical Inspiration?

    What is Biblical Inspiration?

    7 months ago

    The Bible teaches clearly the inspiration of Scripture. It is the God-breathed, wonderful Word of God.

  • What is the Glory of God?

    What is the Glory of God?

    4 months ago

    This article attempts to explain what the Bible is saying when talking about the Glory of God.

  • What has Christianity done for the World?

    What has Christianity done for the World?

    3 years ago

    This article describes some of the many positive contributions that have been done in the name of Christ.