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Since the age of eleven, I’ve collected, traded, bought, and sold coins. My interests have also drifted to Natural Resources, Geopolitics, and Money. For the last five and one half years I’ve been continuously researching the silver and gold markets, having read literally many thousands of articles by well-known industry analysts. Performing this research has tied all of my former interests together. The research is my hobby and my passion.

I have taught and continue to teach Community Education classes at local Community Colleges and Community Adult Education Programs.

Last year I began publishing sections of my work on gold-eagle.com, 24hgold.com, motleyfool.com, zerohedge.com, minyanville.com, and seekingalpha.com, but have now begun publishing exclusively on Hubpages.

I'm available to teach classes to your organization for hire and can be reached at westernoutlook@gmail.com.

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    • Duplication


      7 years ago

      My most recent hub was flagged as duplicate.  It is not a duplicate hub but I have published it elsewhere on the net.  Is this why it was flagged?  If so, can I get it unflagged?  How bad does this...

    • Duplicate


      7 years ago

      My most recent hub was flagged as a Duplicate.  It is not.  How did it get flagged and how do I remove that flag?Thanks in advance.