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We are a team of golfers who love golf and love to laugh. We have the latest golf information, we review products and merchandise and share with you equipment and places of high quality and low prices.

The Golf World is full of many, many different types of golf instructional methods, clubs, how you can be sure the clubs fit you, etc. In this fast paced world, it's extremely difficult to have the time to make the right choice. We've been playing golf (like many of you) for years and generally most of us want to go out and play a round of golf and not embarrass ourselves and play reasonably well. We work at trying to improve, yet some improve faster than others and others seem to get worse.

We bring you time tested and reliable information so you can make a better choice both economy wise and quality wise in getting the right golf instruction, the right golf equipment, the right clubs the fit you, golf simulators for your home or business, great clothes and all things golf, including fun things too. Most importantly, we've learned that golf is mainly a game "played between the ears" and we recommend publications to help you with the mental side.

Finally, golf competitors sometimes forget that laughter can relieve tension during a round. It's been proven laughter during a golf round actually helps you to relieve tension and focus so we discuss the lighter side of golf as well.

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