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I am a Christian stay at home mum (notice the Australian spelling :-)). I have many hobbies including crafts, gardening, and photography. As an ex-homeschooler, I also love the educational resources and have created some of my own as well as finding relevant resources on the net.

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  • Genesis Worksheets

    Genesis Worksheets

    3 years ago

    Some people learn best when they write something. These Bible worksheets will be a big help when you are studying through Genesis, helping to consolidate what you have read or even to bring some ideas to mind which you...

  • Facts about Giraffes

    Facts about Giraffes

    2 years ago

    Read giraffe facts and see pictures

  • Kid's Vegetable Garden

    Kid's Vegetable Garden

    3 weeks ago

    Vegetable gardening is not just for adults. Kids are naturally curious about the world around them and love watching plants grow and change. They get a lot of fun and satisfaction from planning, creating and keeping...

  • Animal Perler Bead Patterns

    Animal Perler Bead Patterns

    2 years ago

    A variety of perler bead (fuse bead / hama bead) patterns for different animals - wild animals, farm animals, dinosaurs and more.

  • Perler Bead Patterns

    Perler Bead Patterns

    2 years ago

    This page contains a variety of perler bead patterns grouped into different categories, such as animals, flowers, vehicles and more.

  • Biomes Worksheets

    Biomes Worksheets

    2 years ago

    A selection of different biome worksheets including activities about the desert, grasslans, rain forest, taiga, tundra, chaparral, and ocean biomes as well as some general worksheets.

  • Amazing Houses of the World

    Amazing Houses of the World

    2 years ago

    No standard, boring type houses here, but a selection of amazing houses from around the world.

  • Printable Pop Up Cards

    Printable Pop Up Cards

    2 years ago

    A great selection of printable pop up cards for different occasions and with different themes which you can print out at home on your printer and put together. Lots of fun!

  • Volume Worksheets

    Volume Worksheets

    3 years ago

    I have collected a series of links for volume worksheets for your mathematics class. The worksheets start with the simplest level of counting cubes and increase in complexity through rectangular prisms to cylinders,...

  • Ocean Animal Facts and Coloring Pages

    Ocean Animal Facts and Coloring Pages

    3 years ago

    The oceans cover just over 70% of the Earth's surface and contain all kinds of unique and amazing animals. Whenever I go scuba diving or snorkelling, I never cease to be amazed at the variety of animals and how...

  • Dot to Dot Printables

    Dot to Dot Printables

    21 months ago

    Lots of dot to dot printables sorted by number of dots, ranging from really easy to extremely hard.

  • Homemade Birthday Cards

    Homemade Birthday Cards

    2 years ago

    Making a homemade birthday cards for that special friend or family member is a great way to show you care and these cards need not be too hard to make either. One creative style of hand made cards is the 3D decoupage...

  • Food Pyramid Coloring Pages

    Food Pyramid Coloring Pages

    2 years ago

    Color your way through the food pyramid or the updated my plate - including grains, meat, dairy, fruit, and vegetables.

  • Old Testament Worksheets

    Old Testament Worksheets

    4 weeks ago

    Bible worksheets to help children study through the Old Testament; includes crossword puzzles, matching worksheets and word-search puzzles.

  • Easy Knitting Patterns

    Easy Knitting Patterns

    2 years ago

    Easy knitting patterns for the beginner knitter. Not just scarves, but toys, beanies, bags, booties, and more!

  • Sunday School Crafts - Old Testament

    Sunday School Crafts - Old Testament

    2 years ago

    Old Testament crafts for kids for Sunday school, school, and home.

  • Dog Breed Coloring Pages

    Dog Breed Coloring Pages

    3 years ago

    Do you love dogs? Which is your favorite dog breed? I have been creating dog breed coloring pages for many different dog breeds. I have sorted them according to the groups which have been given by the American Kennel...

  • Iris Folding

    Iris Folding

    3 years ago

    This page includes information on how to do iris folding and also contains dozens of links to free iris folding patterns. You can use these patterns on greeting cards, bookmarks or as scrapbooking decorations. Iris...

  • Jungle Coloring Pages

    Jungle Coloring Pages

    2 years ago

    A selection of jungle coloring pages featuring lots of different kinds of animals and plants.

  • Animal Group Names

    Animal Group Names

    2 years ago

    See pictures of groups of animals and learn what a group of different animals is called.

  • Bible Coloring Pages - New Testament

    Bible Coloring Pages - New Testament

    2 years ago

    Bible coloring pages from events in the new testament.

  • Bible Coloring Pages - Old Testament

    Bible Coloring Pages - Old Testament

    3 years ago

    Color through the old testament. Pictures from many different Bible stories.

  • Tasmanian Tiger

    Tasmanian Tiger

    2 years ago

    Learn about the Tasmanian Tiger (or Thylacine), an Australian marsupial which is now extinct ... or is it?

  • Koala Bears Facts

    Koala Bears Facts

    2 years ago

    Learn all about koalas. Why are they called koala bears? What do they eat? What noise do they make? Lots more info, koala crafts and plenty of pictures.

  • Vegetable Garden Layout

    Vegetable Garden Layout

    3 years ago

    In this vegetable garden layout guide you'll find quite a few different ideas for getting creative in your yard and planning a garden to suit your own personal style. Although the traditional way is for the vegetables...

  • Frugal Living

    Frugal Living

    3 weeks ago

    With the current recession, it's very important that we all learn how to spend less. The American dollar is at an all time low, but the cost of food and other necessities is soaring. A cart full of groceries and house...