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GourmetFoodIQ Hubpages – A delicious community creating hubs of information and knowledge about all kinds of food related topics.  Join for FREE and grow your Gourmet Food IQ.

At Gourmet Food IQ we are passionate about food. It’s not just something to eat or sustenance to keep us alive, it’s something to be relished and thoroughly enjoyed. You don’t need to have loads of money or spend a fortune to enjoy good gourmet food. What makes gourmet food so delicious isn’t the price or the name, but quality ingredients, simplicity, and mindful cooking. You’ll find what is typically considered expensive gourmet food here, but you’ll also find great recipes, reviews, free cooking tips from some of the best chefs around, and much more.  It is a community of gourmet food lovers creating content for other gourmet food lovers.

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