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In February 2011, I became a real writer. I did not realize that I had it in me. I joined Squidoo for one of the beading groups I belong to but only wrote a couple of thrown together lenses because I didn't know what I was doing. Then a year later started writing again but not getting anywhere until I joined the RocketMoms in February 2011. I now have a love of writing. I know I can really write about almost any theme because the RocketMoms showed me how to really create wonderful articles and to think them through. I am also a bead artist and bead pattern designer. I have loved crafts all my life but when I found beading and jewelry making, I was lost. All my other crafts went by the wayside. Don't get me wrong all crafts are glorious but beading and jewelry making takes the top of the heap.

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  • Plastic Canvas Kissie Animals

    Plastic Canvas Kissie Animals

    2 years ago

    My Plastic Canvas Kissies hub got too large so I decided to split it out. In addition to the original hub (General and Holiday Kissies), I split it out into People Kissies and this hub.

  • Red Roses With Rain Drops

    Red Roses With Rain Drops

    2 years ago

    Red roses are so beautiful to look at. Add rain drops to them and you have a really beautiful picture.

  • How To Open An eCrater Store

    How To Open An eCrater Store

    4 years ago

    Ecrater is an online web store builder which is free. You don't pay a fee when you upload your product and you don't pay a fee when you sell an item. The only fee you will pay is when you get to your payment processor....

  • Halloween Jello Shots

    Halloween Jello Shots

    5 years ago

    Jello shots are made with gelatin, water, and liquor. The liquor (vodka, rum or tequila) replaces some of the water or fruit juice that would usually be used to make the gelatin. Here in the United States, they are...

  • Traveling Across Country in an 18 wheeler

    Traveling Across Country in an 18 wheeler

    5 years ago

    Have you ever wanted to travel all around the United States and couldn't afford to? You could do it the way that my husband and I did. We drove semi trucks for various trucking companies. IF you are lucky, you will be...

  • Spool Knitting

    Spool Knitting

    2 years ago

    One of the first crafts that I remember doing as a child was spool knitting. I would make all kinds of long strings. I think I remember making rugs for my dolls and pot holders for my mom. Wish I could remember more but...

  • Plastic Canvas Kissies

    Plastic Canvas Kissies

    2 years ago

    Plastic canvas kissie ornaments with a Hershey Kiss in it's mouth used to be popular back in the 80's.

  • Bead Work, Bead Design, and Crafting

    Bead Work, Bead Design, and Crafting

    2 years ago

    You will find beautiful beaded jewelry, beaded patterns, and other crafts here. I will probably take some of my beauties to other lenses but they will be linked to this one. As I create lenses, I will be showing you my...