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Well, I am an almost 30 first year college student. I know, sad isnt it? Anyway, i just got married last September and have 3 beautiful children. The last one is my wife's, but she loves the other two as they were hers. Anyway, really, I am a pretty normal guy who loves to write fantasy novels when I can. I am also in school fot software engineering and gaming development. Really, other than that, I dont have much really about me. Play guitar, fix cars, look for work, write and do research on random topics.  

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  • Migraines, the quick fix

    Migraines, the quick fix

    4 years ago

    People who suffer from migraines know that there isnt much out there that will make it go away. Well, I am sharing my home remedy. Advil Migraine and Redbull.