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I love to write lenses, if it involves technology, sport and video games it is going to be hard to beat! I write when I can, I never force myself to so that my content is as good as it can be.

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  • How to Build a Quality House on Minecraft:  Part One

    How to Build a Quality House on Minecraft: Part One

    3 months ago

    This design was inspired by many other houses I have seen over my time playing Minecraft, although I haven't seen many houses with overhangs, and so I have come up with a design that has an overhang. Your bedroom will...

  • Tribal Wars-Offense

    Tribal Wars-Offense

    4 years ago

    Offense in Tribal Wars is the fun part of Tribal Wars, because you get to noble villages, wipe out whole armies and destroy whole tribes. But you can only do this if you know what you are doing and so if you don't know...

  • Tribal Wars Guide To Defence

    Tribal Wars Guide To Defence

    4 years ago

    Some people may argue, that optimizing your defense is the hardest part of Tribal wars. This guide will show you just about everything there is about defending your hard earned village. It ranges from what your village...