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Hey, my name is Allix, you might have heard of my uncle...PCaholicDotCom, hes my....family member. He introduced hub pages to me when I toldĀ him about recently getting into Honors English for my High School Class next year, he said, and I quote..."Alex, you should get a Hub page and write, it can help your writing skills, and eventually, you can make money". I was motivated. As a 14 year old in rural Vermont, its hard to do as you please and get away with it, so I', always looking for something to do, that won't get me into trouble, and earning a little money is something I can do, so, I'm gonna give Hub Pages a shot.

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  • Ways To Learn To Play Trumpet

    Ways To Learn To Play Trumpet

    8 years ago

    Trumpets are a very Historic instrument. They go way back to ancient China about 5200 B.C. They were mainly bugles, but they had no shape. They were long, straight brass tubes, with mouth pieces and a bellshape,...