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I’m a late bloomer, I began my writing career in the 1970’s when I enrolled in a creative writer’s course through TAFE gaining a Pass 1.  I studied by correspondence at Australian College of Journalism and gained a Diploma of Freelance Travel Writing & Photography.  I was named winner in three short story competitions and reached second place twice.

Here my buds are starting to flower as I have had work published in numerous anthologies. Articles printed in Town & Country Farmer and GrassRoots and worked for a brief period as journalist for the local paper, The Transcontinental.

My bloom is in full flower now I have self-published two biographies, and worked as editor for three books. I am a contributor to projects sponsored by ABC Open.

My bloom is still in full flower as I continue to put pen to paper.

I have other blooms that I cultivate such as needlework, crocheting,

I work in my husbands nursery potting up plants that he grows from cuttings.  We take our plants to two local market to sell them. 

Married for sixty one years; I am wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother.

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  • Shooting Live

    Shooting Live

    9 months ago

    Four Tips for the beginner photographer. For the beginner Photographer it can be a steep learning curve. Some tips from a first hand experience.

  • The Joker

    The Joker

    9 months ago

    A sadistic, cruel streak in human nature comes to the fore when hurt and takes out its own hurt on loved ones. The Joker is a fictional story of a man who played the cruelest joke of all

  • Beauty and the Desert

    Beauty and the Desert

    9 months ago

    Eremophila, the flower that makes the desert beautiful. Adaptable to any circumstance.

  • An Australian Autumn

    An Australian Autumn

    9 months ago

    The crocuses in my garden are boat people. They came out with the early settlers. Instead of ushering in the spring as in the northern hemisphere they usher in the Australian autumn

  • Nothing to Live For

    Nothing to Live For

    9 months ago

    An intelligent woman who ran a veteniary practice with her husband is left alone. Her cat defects and she despairs and takes her life, feeling unwanted and alone

  • The Art Of Shoplifting

    The Art Of Shoplifting

    9 months ago

    This story is told using mostly dialogue. The main character is a professional female shoplifter showing how she evades the shop detectives . Side bars point out shoplifting is am offence.

  • Mourning Is Past

    Mourning Is Past

    10 months ago

    Craig Hughes knew the bitter taste of betrayal by his sweetheart Betty. His brother Gareth captured Betty's love. When Gareth died Craig found his love for Betty had died.

  • The Young Hero

    The Young Hero

    9 months ago

    Jason Winter was twelve years old. Jason ran foul of his teacher because of his exuberant spirit. It was that untamed exuberance that saved a girl from drowning.

  • Along The Track

    Along The Track

    10 months ago

    Lilly and Molly are two women taken from their families by the government and christianised. The mixture of white and Aboriginal belief enable them to save a couple lost in the remote north South Aus

  • Thirty Pieces of Silver

    Thirty Pieces of Silver

    10 months ago

    Thirty Pieces of Silver is a story about racial hatred with in a group of people. A hatred concerning the inter marrying between different races of people.

  • Willy Super Wheat - An Allegory

    Willy Super Wheat - An Allegory

    10 months ago

    Willy Super Wheat is an allegory after the style of George Orwell's 'Animal Farm.' He was genetically bred for greater grain production to feed the world. First he had to die.

  • Mating Time

    Mating Time

    10 months ago

    Mating time is about people with a Christian Faith desiring to find the God chosen partner. Pitfalls and problems that need to be faced.

  • My Melanesian Experience

    My Melanesian Experience

    10 months ago

    Holidaying in Vanuatu with my two daughters and staying with my grandaughter