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Currently pursuing a Masters of Arts in Professional Communications. My interests are feminism, issues affecting Latinx and POC, food/nutrition, exercise/health, fashion/beauty, and generally things that are out of the ordinary and break the norms of everyday media.

I'm constantly fascinated by how much American culture is growing and changing based on technology and the effects of social media on our everyday interaction.

I'm trying to publish a few articles per month, so if you have any ideas for what I should write about next, please let me know. Feedback is greatly appreciated, so check out my articles and leave some comments for me. Thanks for reading!

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  • Can you Keep up?

    Can you Keep up?

    8 months ago

    Social media has taken up a bigger part of our lives than we like to admit. With it, we spend most of the day following celebrities. What makes them so special? Why should we keep up?