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Hi! I love anime, manga, and all kinds of internet stuff and pop culture. Nice to meet you!

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  • Cute Anime Songs to Sing

    Cute Anime Songs to Sing

    3 years ago

    Many Anime songs are cute or beautiful. There are a lot of reasons to learn and sing these songs. Learners of Japanese can increase their vocabulary and get better at pronunciation. Knowing a Japanese song in it's...

  • Cleaning Your Pug's Wrinkles

    Cleaning Your Pug's Wrinkles

    5 years ago

    Pugs are adorable dogs with great personalities. But their big, fluffy wrinkles can get dirty and become infected. This isn't a problem for all pugs, but if it affects your pug, you need to be constantly aware of it....

  • Puggles: Designer Dogs, or Overhyped Mutts?

    Puggles: Designer Dogs, or Overhyped Mutts?

    4 years ago

    A Puggle comes from a cross between a pug and beagle. They are often very cute, with drooping ears and a wrinkled forehead. They are also the latest designer-dog fad. Many venues, from celebrities to dog food brands,...