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Hello Friends ! Scribbling something has always been a passion in my life. Besides, I love music,travelling and reading all kinds of stuff. I accord first priority to the humanity and love the streaks of diversity thriving in various corners of the world. 

Thanks to you all for reading my profile. Hope, we'll have a pleasant time sharing on HubPages.

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  • Beautiful Reality

    Beautiful Reality

    11 months ago

    Sometime it 's refreshing to live moments as they come by, and not stretch our minds around things and ideas. It's not our words but reality that has more charm and more beauty.

  • A Free Spirit

    A Free Spirit

    11 months ago

    As soon as man takes birth, he is thrown into a great bondage. Later on , he himself puts on some shackles. This hub dwells on nurturing a free spirit, a unique way of life.

  • A wise Balance

    A wise Balance

    11 months ago

    This world is full of contrast and we cannot escape it however hard we may try. Only way out is to take into account this contrast in a wise manner and keep moving toward our destination.

  • Our Way is Awesome

    Our Way is Awesome

    11 months ago

    We think of and envy others too much, sometimes to our own disgust and despair. Life to me is to find one's own pursuits and take immense pleasure out of them. We should cherish self-worth.

  • A Great Departure

    A Great Departure

    11 months ago

    A birth is welcomed and celebrated with all aplomb. We all love life and proceed with it displaying all happiness and joy. Let's embrace wisdom when we take the boat to the other shore.

  • Art of Living

    Art of Living

    11 months ago

    It has always been fascinating to me that people live their lives so differently not only as professionally but also in terms of quality-wise.We can live rich if we know the essence of living.

  • Kindhearted People: The most Mistreated Lot

    Kindhearted People: The most Mistreated Lot

    2 years ago

    It has been observed that kind hearted persons are not understood clearly. People often assume their simplicity as weakness. When nice persons do not respond to rudeness,they suffer a lot mutely.

  • The Concept of Heaven and Hell

    The Concept of Heaven and Hell

    13 months ago

    The concept of eternal Heaven and Hell is so curious that one who is really earnest to love God is perplexed. God is instead a loving phenomenon, there is need of a lot more reflection on this subject.