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Hi!! I'm Harper.

I'm a vegetarian athlete which means, you guessed it--the majority of my hubs will be on this very topic. I'll most certainly have hubs on other topics of course, but those are my favorite by far.

Let's see, what else...I'm a writer and artist by trade. As for the latter, I prefer to use pencil and pastels and occasionally paint as well. I also dabble in photography, and took the photo of the flower in my profile picture in the median of a busy interesection!

Okay, enough about me, feel free to browse my content.

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    • Adding Hub Sections "Stuck"

      Adding Hub Sections "Stuck"

      5 years ago

      Hopefully this makes sense (apologies if it doesn't) but today I started noticing sometimes when I try adding a section to a hub, nothing would happen and the side button would be "stuck" saying cancel. It...

    • Hi Vegetarians & Vegans!

      Hi Vegetarians & Vegans!

      5 years ago

      Hi All!I was going to reply some of the posts already on there, but since many of them are somewhat old I decided to just start a new one!I'm Harper and I've been a vegetarian for about 6 years due to health issues. I...