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I have done BS in Electronics and currently employed as a Presales Engineer in an IT firm. Internet is my addiction and blogging is my passion.

I really love to keep my presence on the Internet and explore this ever so diversified online world. I have been freelancing for around 4 years now and have 6 active blogs. I have also spent a good part of my life teaching, which I found out to be a great way of sharing my knowledge with others.

But the place I get satisfied the most is on the Internet where I love to share helpful articles keeping in view the need of students for their homework and assignments.

I have recently found out a new passion which is the world of Cisco and networking. I haven't done a lot of publishing on the Cisco stuff, but probably I will be doing that soon.

I stumbled upon Hubpages through a professional blogging site and soon discovered that it is really a wonderful place to share knowledge where the writers are well rewarded.

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  • The Cobra

    The Cobra

    5 years ago

    Cobras are found in Africa and Asia, and they have held a special place in human culture from ancient Egypt to modern India. About 30 species of snakes are commonly called cobras, including the king cobra (the world's...

  • The History Of Doll House

    The History Of Doll House

    5 years ago

    A famous children's film series Return of the Antelopes became the talk of the town more than a decade ago for its simple but interesting plot. Other than the good plot, it was because of the three Lilliputians featured...

  • History Of Housing

    History Of Housing

    5 years ago

    A HOUSE is a building that provides shelter, comfort, and protection. It is one of man's three most important necessities. The other two being food and clothing. Shelter protects man from wind and rain, and from hot and...

  • How To Make Models

    How To Make Models

    8 years ago

    You must have often made models for school projects. Models are a three dimensional reproduction of something on a smaller scale and so look much cuter than the original version. For many, making models is a favourite...

  • The Greatest Travellers Of All Time

    The Greatest Travellers Of All Time

    5 years ago

    When one talks of journeys, that too of thousands of miles, one cannot forget the names of some travellers who set out for journeys covering millions of miles and thus came to be known as great travellers of the world....

  • JAMES WATT (Inventor Of The Steam Engine)

    JAMES WATT (Inventor Of The Steam Engine)

    5 years ago

    James Watt, Scottish inventor and mechanical engineer, renowned for his improvements of the steam engine was born on January 19, 1736, in Greenock, Scotland. The son of a ship's chandler, James had little formal...

  • Pot Painting

    Pot Painting

    5 years ago

    As the name suggests, it is a hobby in which a person decorates clay pots and vases in various ways. It is a very interesting hobby as the results are often quite diverse (from what you expected!) and creative. One does...

  • Glacier Facts

    Glacier Facts

    5 years ago

    A glacier is a mass of ice that forms usually in mountainous areas where more snow accumulates in winter than melts during the summer. As the snow is being compacted into ice, the area formed is called an ice field....

  • Mythical Creatures

    Mythical Creatures

    5 years ago

    Supernatural creatures, which grew out from mythical stories, specially those from Greece and Egypt, are often believed to be real. Greek and Egyptian mythologies are full of such stories, interest in which remains,...

  • Industrial Revolutions

    Industrial Revolutions

    5 years ago

    During the 18th century dramatic changes took place in history. People started to shift from an agrarian culture to a more sophisticated machine culture. Instead of goods being produced by hand they were now...

  • Slugs and snails

    Slugs and snails

    5 years ago

    Slugs and snails are an absolute menace in the garden as these voracious wee beasties, or not so ‘wee' sometimes - I have seen some absolutely humongous ones - can literally decimate your beautiful garden overnight. ...

  • Some Legendary Mythical Beasts

    Some Legendary Mythical Beasts

    5 years ago

    A legendary creature is a mythical or fantastic creature in historical literature. Some have their origin in traditional myths and have at one time been believed to be real beings.The Phoenix, Pegasus, Unicorn and the...

  • Who Were The Vikings?

    Who Were The Vikings?

    5 years ago

    The Vikings came from their homes in Scandinavia, from the countries we now call Norway, Sweden and Denmark. The name Viking comes from the language which is called ‘old Norse'. In Norse Vikings means ‘piracy'. They...

  • Dragons


    5 years ago

    Dragons have been a part of mythology and legend for thousands of years. Almost every country in the world has some sort of dragon story. Stories of dragons have been handed down for generations in many civilisations....

  • Extinct Species Of The World

    Extinct Species Of The World

    5 years ago

    Extinction is a normal process in the course of evolution. Species have slowly evolved and disappeared throughout geologic time as the result of climate changes and the inability to adapt to survive competition and...

  • Types Of Concrete Blocks

    Types Of Concrete Blocks

    5 years ago

    When building walls, blocks and bricks are primary materials. Bricks are smaller and made of clay, although concrete bricks are also available. Blocks are bigger, made of concrete aggregates only and can be categorized...

  • 7805 Regulated +5V Power Supply

    7805 Regulated +5V Power Supply

    5 years ago

    Well most of you must be wondering that this is going to be a hub about all those electronics stuffs that we have in our home,yes its kindly related to that but with a difference that this hub brings you the inside of...