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Born and raised in Hawaii. Some interests are writing, 4 Earth sciences, hand knitting and crocheting when I've the time to knit and crochet. I love nature for it's so serene. Have fun playing games and writing. I like the oldies radio station to listen to when I ride the bus everywhere. Love chilly temps in the lower 70's always. 



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  • Finding Bargains On Oahu

    Finding Bargains On Oahu

    27 hours ago

    No matter where we live we love bargains. Finding bargains is just as easy as window shopping. Stores have sites to check for their weekly sales. Bargains are everywhere!

  • Corn Beef Left Over Stew Recipe

    Corn Beef Left Over Stew Recipe

    10 months ago

    I just got so much left over cooked vegetables from my fresh corn beef dish that I decided to cook stew from it. My Mother loved the idea of having stew from our Saint Patrick's Day corn beef dish.

  • Fall Off The Fork Beef Tip

    Fall Off The Fork Beef Tip

    10 months ago

    I love to eat pot roast and corn beef. I used meat tenderizer to get the meat softer. I did some research about it and found out tips for fall off the fork meats. It works so wonderfully too!

  • HawaiiBirdWatching


    23 months ago

    Living in Hawaii on Oahu I began to notice one of the liveliest creatures Hawaii's birds. Everywhere I go birds are playfully everywhere chattering or gathering their food.

  • Paranormal Help With Experts

    Paranormal Help With Experts

    14 months ago

    Have you ever experienced paranormal events? Whether at your business or home if you've encountered paranormal experiences there's experts to help you.