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  • Appendicitis Symptoms and Treatment

    Appendicitis Symptoms and Treatment

    6 years ago

    Appendicitis is the inflammation of the vermiform appendix, a small pencil-like structure connected with the cecum, the first part of the large intestine. Appendicitis is caused by an obstruction and infection in the...

  • Pneumonia Causes and Treatment

    Pneumonia Causes and Treatment

    6 years ago

    The lung is much like a sponge. It is light, fluffy and full of air. Now imagine dipping that sponge into a jar of honey. It will come out clogged up, heavy and sticky. Now when someone develops pneumonia, the section...

  • Eczema Symptoms and Treatment

    Eczema Symptoms and Treatment

    6 years ago

    The term eczema describes a large range of skin diseases that cause itching and burning of the skin. It typically appears as red, swollen skin that is initially covered with small fluid-filled blisters that later break...