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Hexadecimal lives and loves the creative life---sewing custom clothing, drawing and design especially tattoo art. She adores all things victorian and dessert related and spends her free time baking, writing and serving her cats.

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  • Get Laced! Corset Lacing, Ribbon, and Bow Tattoos

    Get Laced! Corset Lacing, Ribbon, and Bow Tattoos

    8 months ago

    If you're interested in tattoos that look like ribbons, buttons, laces, bows, and other notions, read on for ideas, photos, and inspiration.

  • Thigh Garter Tattoos for Girls

    Thigh Garter Tattoos for Girls

    9 months ago

    The classic thigh garter is enjoying a revival---in ink, that is! Undoubtedly one of the sexiest places a girl can get a tattoo, a thigh tattoo is as easily hidden as it is shown off on a whim. View a range of garter...

  • Tattoo Aftercare Product Reviews

    Tattoo Aftercare Product Reviews

    2 years ago

    There's a ton of products for tattoo aftercare, each boasting about improving color & longevity of your tattoo. But are they all alike? Which ones work & which are a waste of money? We'll take a look at some of...