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My name is B and I am what you would call a converted dog-lover. Just recently, my boyfriend and I moved in together and in between unpacking boxes and running a consulting business from home, we're blending our families together to make one big, happy "forever" family: J and I, and our two dogs.

Gemma is my six year old German shepard-collie blend. She's as gentle as she is feminine and is probably one of the most nervous dogs you'll ever meet in your entire life.

Milo is J's dog and he's an twelve year old Jack Russell terrier. He's the complete opposite of Gemma and his energy and inquisitve nature often gets him into hilarious situations.

I guess you could say they are "his and hers" dogs and as first-time dog owners we're just navigating our way through our new home and our new life with our two dogs. I'm excited to share what we've learned and can't wait for all the fun that's sure to come our way.

When I'm not working or chasing after my dogs, I'm also blogging about food, decor and more at www.thetwentiesproject.com. Drop me a line! I'd love to hear from you.

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