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My name is RitaAnn~, mom to 2 biological kids. We Home educate our kids. Then we also had many come through our doors. Some stayed, some went. I still see many but not like I'd like to. If I had a huge house I'd have everyone over for Sunday dinner, Holidays and more. I'd want each to have his/her own room with bed and plenty of food to fill the belly. Unfortunetly, that's not possible so they end up on the streets though I would keep them all here just to be sure they were safe and healthy. Tony and I have been married for years and have home educated our biological kids from the beginning I've also had the opportunity to help some of the other kids with their education. I really appreciate the 'un' schooling approach and this worked well with all the kids. I feel pulling out strengths in their own education helps young people WANT to learn and in turn LOVE to learn; and that's what education should be about. All the kids are gone now. :-( Maybe it's time for me now. :-) Check our site out and find out more about homeschooling. We love it, it's perfect for our lifestyle and gives us so much freedom to grow in areas more personalized to our family needs.

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