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In the past year or so I've been called by my new online name, ClockworkZero.

I'm a steampunk jewelry maker who also creates a lot of cyberpunk jewelry and geek designs. I worked in IT doing server-side support for 10 years but recently gave it up to become a jewelry designer (again!). I also write Science Fiction and horror short stories which have been published here and there. I've gone by a lot of names - but ClockworkZero has stuck for while. I have a successful etsy store as ClockworkZero. I decided to resurrect my Squidoo's to reflect whatever catches my fancny - from Steampunk to Science Fiction - to hot websites, interesting ideas and thoughts. A large portion of some of my lenses goes to charity - so click away and help others! You might find my work written up by Clive Thompson from WIRED Magazine too.

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    How to Build a Green Driveway!

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