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A young girl named Lady Mae and at age of 12 joined this site which they call "HubPages", (had no idea what this is for?) (Just Kidding) Well, I'm simple, loves to write any thing especially poems!, and i love pooh! a fashion disaster! still a student (hoping to grow faster) and currently 15 years old.

I LOVE HUBPAGES SO MUCH. Its the only site where I don't care about FOLLOWERS but only my READERS. I love it when people read my article, poem, or essays. And when they're done reading I love to hear that i make them happy, its just the greatest feeling ever.

Have fun to my hubpage..... :) have a nice day!!! And I am currently addict to chess.


So now, I am 19 years old. Quite old already. Have grown a lot, but still the same me. :) Still in love with writing though proses are still undisciplined like Maven said. But I am becoming the writer I want to be now. Finally, grew up being it. I never thought I could reach this far of living life with words. Happy 7 years of being an unprofessional writer and a frustrated one. Ha!

I stil am that naive Lady Mae before, but whatever the change that I have now, I believe one of it is I finally found the writer I am to be. :)

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