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I am from Kerala, the south west state of India.   Kerala is a fertile and beautiful place with 95% arable land, one third  of its area with evergreen forest which situates between the the famous Westen Ghats or Sahyardri and the Arabian Sea.

I am from the capital of Kerala, THIRUVANANTHAPURAM  which was once the capital of the ancient Kingdom TRAVANCORE, which is ruled by Sree Padmanabha Dasas. Dasa means Servent. Here is the world`s most wealthiest worship centre, Sree Padmanabha Temple.

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  • Harvesting of Rain Water

    Harvesting of Rain Water

    7 weeks ago

    Rain is a blessing. Rais is natures' showering of pue water. Try to gather some of this water through natural resources. Unless the end of the green planet is not far behind.

  • Sanskrit Language

    Sanskrit Language

    2 months ago

    There is a tendency to minimize Sanskrit as a Dead Language. The reason is its less popularity as a spoken language. The beginning of classical literature of the world was from Sanskrit.

  • Time:    A Mystery

    Time: A Mystery

    2 years ago

    Time is the most important invention of human beings, which helped him to grow as the dominant creature on earth. Time is the invention which is beyond the biological clock exists in every creature.

  • A Model Portfolio

    A Model Portfolio

    2 years ago

    Investment in stock exchange does not means the investment only in equity stocks. There are investment option such as liquids, bonds and commodities. I am introducing here a model portolio for you

  • The Saga of a Mutualfund

    The Saga of a Mutualfund

    2 years ago

    Reliance Growth is a diversified equity mutualfund which gave 50 times return within the period of 10 years. Equity funds may under gone to the volatility of stock market than any other investments..

  • Investment Method in Volatile Market

    Investment Method in Volatile Market

    2 years ago

    If an investor is visionary, the Volatility of market is useful than its stability. What are the uses of a blue chip ETF in such a scenario. Read it below....

  • Exchange Traded Funds :  Merits And Demerits

    Exchange Traded Funds : Merits And Demerits

    19 months ago

    Exchange Traded Fund has the dual nature of a stock and mutual fund. To invest in it is more safe and secure and volatility is less than a stock. Its liquidity is higher than a mutual fund.

  • Mutual Fund  :: Facts and Falses

    Mutual Fund :: Facts and Falses

    2 years ago

    Mutual Funds have a great future because it managed by professionals. By investing in a Mutual Fund, we get a great relief as it is in the hand of an expert who dedicates himself in the field.