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I am a professional copywriter and I have my own copywriting business. My company is called Intrigue Media group and consists of the copywriting company and a network of content sites and blogs. 

I have a degree in politics and philosophy from Brunel University in the UK. I also have a degree in journalism and copywriting. 

I love photography, I love my son and I love to travel. In the next few months I am going to be travelling all over the UK and Europe and I will be documenting my journey for you all to read about. I will also be taking plenty of pictures. 

I am also a published author. I have a book out called Dusty the Ditsy Dog. Which is about a bright blue dog living a dull, boring town called Mistytown. In the first book, he decides to paint the town blue! It is lots of fun for children age five and under. It is great for children of any age really so pick up a copy! 

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I believe in the power of positive thought. I also believe that if you work hard and believe you can do it there is nothing that you cannot achieve. The power is within all of us. It is up to us to unlock that power and start living the life that we deserve to live. Never give up on your dreams because you can make it if you believe you can. 


Do not underestimate the power of hard work


keep the faith. 


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I like to write about various topics. Here are just a couple of articles. 

Five tips for writing faster articles 

Utilitarianism:What is it? 

Arguments for the existence of God: The Ontological Argument 

Arguments for the existence of God Part 2: The Cosmological Argument 

I have loads more articles so check them out! 

Please do take a look at my business site and my writing blog when you have time. 

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I am also a dedicated advocate of veganism. i am a vegan myself and I have recently set up an online vegan magazine. http://www.vegan-fresh.com You can follow it on Twitter @veganfresh2 


Watch youtube videos here: http://www.youtube.com/veganfresh 



Thank you ! 


Love and light 

Edina Jackson 




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