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I am a wife to a loving husband and a mother to a teenager.  I love to travel with my family, cook, eat, help people, discover new things and study.  Yes study.  I am a graduate of Political science, am licensed to teach and a registered nurse in the Philippines.  In between these, I took some units in law and masters in education but have not finished them.  I am an advocate of alternative medicine and am a self-professed environmentalist.  I love studying culture and heritage.  I have two major blogs: 1.  Tabi Tabi Po at http://www.pinas-et-al.blogspot.com is a travel blog and 2.  Bahay ni Juana at http://janecajuguiran.blogspot.com is a personal blog about my family.  

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  • Cure For Cough?  Cough It Out!

    Cure For Cough? Cough It Out!

    3 years ago

    Would you believe that coughing is a good thing? Yes it is as it is the body's way of protecting and curing itself from foreign elements that attack it. It is a reflex just like the way you jerk and remove your hand...