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Hey what's poppin' internet?  I'm that actor, writer, musician and bartender with a crazy mind that's leaking onto the pages.

I have loved acting, writing and music since I was young.  We all love a laugh and a jam jession, and life is too short not to enjoy moments like that - But its not just about having a blast and making people laugh and be entertained - performing arts and writing are ways to change the world.  You can touch the globe, whether you're making people laugh, or making people think - and its that perfect situation of getting paid to do something I love that makes me write here.  So BLAM.  Here I am internet.  Read ma stuff.  Think and be entertained.  Most importantly, love life, we've only got one ;)

---J.D. Harderocker

P.S. WOo! 1,000 hits!  SCORE.

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