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Hey all. If you told 2 people how much God Loves them, and they told 2 people, and they told 2 people...it would get around just about as fast as the internet! AWESOME! GOD LOVES YOU!

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  • Sample Emmaus Letters for Pilgrims

    Sample Emmaus Letters for Pilgrims

    6 years ago

    PLEASE...These are intended for people who have never written a letter to someone attending an Emmaus or Chrysalis weekend. They are not meant to be copied, but to give you an idea of how to get started. The best letter...

  • Emmaus and Chrysalis Agape Letters

    Emmaus and Chrysalis Agape Letters

    6 years ago

    Thanks for all the great ideas! If you want to submit your own, you can email them to john@allthingsemmaus.com and I'll get them posted when I can! We'd also like to have some sample letters to the Pilgrims themselves....

  • My Walk to Emmaus

    My Walk to Emmaus

    6 years ago

    My name is John. I attend Community United Methodist Church in Virginia Beach, VA. I walked on TW 80, and sat at the table of Beacons of Faith. WOW. Never thought I'd ever been making a statement like THAT, especially...