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Jeff McRitchie is the vice president of marketing and original developer for MyBinding.com. He writes extensively on topics related to document and presentation binding, personal and commercial lamination, shredding and paper handling. Although almost every company uses these products, almost nobody talks about them. Jeff has written and published almost 400 articles related to binding technologies and loves to address issues and problems that are not discussed anywhere in print. Most of Jeff's articles are prompted by actual questions from customers who are looking to solve a problem or better understand what solution will best fit their needs. Jeff is an expert in Plastic Comb Binding, Spiral Coil Binding, Twin Loop Wire Binding, GBC Velobind, GBC Proclick, GBC Zipbind, Unibind, Thermal Binding and Powis Parker Fastback and is able to answer even the toughest questions about these binding technologies. He also has a complete understanding of the available supplies, covers and capabilities for each of these binding technologies. If you have a question concerning any one of these types of binding systems or are looking for a unique supply item he is probably the person to ask. Originally from Alberta, Canada, Jeff now resides in Hillsboro, Oregon. He is also part owner and Chief Marketing officer for BestPriceCables.com.

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  • Fun And Practical Uses For A Laminator

    Fun And Practical Uses For A Laminator

    5 years ago

    Laminators can be used for a variety of applications. Many times a laminator brings to mind pictures of a large machine often used in elementary schools or small devices that make ID badges, key cards, and name tags....