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Hello world. This is my bio. I am Native American and have a extensive background in Herbal Healing. My passions are Herbal Remedies, simple live and our Environment. I was given extensive knowledge about herbal healing by my Lakota Grandmother who was a herbal healer and the only medical person in her small town. Grandma did everything from setting broken bone to delivering babies and curing colds and upset stomach's. I wish I could have learned more from her but she left us too early. I also have a passion for writing and sharing the things I know with the people that are wanting to learn. I traveled all over the world with the job I had for 18 years and learned local healing practices from Germany to the South Pacific. It was always my goal to learn as much as I possibly could. Now I am ready to give this knowledge on to you. I am also very involved in Native American issues here on the Reservation and volunteer my time at different venues. Drug and Alcohol prevention is close to my heart and I volunteer to be an adviser and counselor at the local Drug and Alcohol Prevention programs. The health and welfare of the people around me are always on my mind and I try to find ways to help by being active in various programs. My time is divided being a freelance writer, writing on a volunteer base for different charity and church activities and taking care of my disabled husband.

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