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I’m a home-educating mama to 4 fabulous children, my husband and I both work in EMS, and our family lives on a small organic farm. I'm passionate about education and learning, so I tend to do a lot of whatever my children are learning about at any given time--I never know what we'll be doing next, but I can be pretty sure it'll be a lot of fun. I love to share what I've learned with others, as you'll see from the lenses I create on Squidoo. Hope you enjoy them. Better yet, hope you jump in and join the conversation; lenses are so much better with reader participation!

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  • sleeping hammocks

    sleeping hammocks

    5 years ago

    Yes, really. People have been sleeping--and sleeping well--in hammocks probably as long as people have lived. A properly constructed hammock can be a cool and comfortable way to sleep in sweltering tropical locales, or...